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Galaxy dx99v2 mods

Galaxy DX D Note: Additional channels can be acquired by "broad-banding" this radio. However, even though Galaxy has "hinted" information regarding the broad-banding procedure, it has yet to be tested. Microphone Gain Modification:.

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The DX has plenty of modulation to spare but it lies dormant as the factory settings "choke" it's true audio capability. This can be remedied, however! Q39 is the modulation limiter for the DX and DX However, don't be foolish by removing the limiter.

The limiter is there for a reason! Removing the limiter altogether on the DX will cause severe garbling in sideband mode. Instead, place a 1k resistor in series with the emitter leg of Q This used in conjunction with finding a satisfactory balance between adjusting VR16 along with the Mic Gain on the radio, and using a good amplified microphone will provide as much modulation as desired. Many owners report excellent results by just peaking VR16 and balancing their Mic Gain on the radio with an amplified microphone without adding the resistor.

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All without clipping the mod limiter. That's simply just a no, no with any radio! First, remove power to unplug the radio. Remove the bottom chassis cover of the radio. Locate J33 near the left-front of the main board. It is partially hidden under the small PCBs just above it. This is the controller you will be working with. These are the main frequency control lines. Follow both to each end and cut each wire at a convenient spot where it will be easiest to work on them.

Install an SPST switch between the gaps in each wire. Do not cross the wires. In other words, you want each switch in-line with each wire.Note: Some 10 meter radios come with echo from the factory. No cb radios come with echo from the factory.

Check options or picture before adding echo. Stock Tuning not recommended. We recommend an open clarifier mod be performed on radios such as Galaxy,99, 94, 98, Transmitting on Amateur radio frequencies may require a license in your country. Please check with local authorities. In the U. For more infortion about obtaining a license, visit the ARRL web site.

Sign In Login Form. Choose From Our Many. Add Any Available Performance Uprgades. Add to Wishlist. Product added! Browse Wishlist. The product is already in the wishlist! Echo Sound Board — [Note: Most 10 meter radios come with this option — Review details or look at picture — This sound board allows the operator to adjust the amount of reverb controlling both the volume and delay giving you that big radio sound, better overall modulation and more clear transmission.

You can also use it to annoy others by messing with the adjustments. This dual control knob may be installed on the left side of the radio, towards the front, or in a factory location on the front of the radio.

They can be installed behind the original knobs giving it a back-glow effect or you can choose to have Clear Knobs installed in place of the factory originals.

galaxy dx99v2 mods

These knobs will glow the color of the LED rings you choose. Typically, a dimmer control is installed to adjust the brightness. This knob often replaces the delta-tune knobs on most Cobra radios as that control knob is not necessary.

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In cases where an Echo control knob is installed in place of the delta-tune knob, the dimmer is normally installed in place of the rf gain receive strength. The rf gain control will be bypassed, thus setting the strength to high. In other cases, a dimmer knob can be replaced with a dual dimmer knob leaving the stock control of the meter and channel lights and the 2nd knob controlling the nitro lights.

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This can be done with or without installing the Nitro Light Rings. Without the Nitros, the clear knobs simply give your radio a nice clean modern look. You can also choose to change the color of the frequency display on radios that have one.

An open clarifier means your transmit and receive will track on the same frequency. Additional information Weight 8 lbs Dimensions Related Products.Talkback Mod. Talkback can become distorted if these radios have been "peaked," and there is no cure because the talkback just amplifies what goes to the RF section. Try different values of resistance to get the amount of volume you want. The less the resistance the louder the talkback will be.

Roger Beep Mods. The tone and time of the roger beep on the 10 Meter mobiles can be changed as follows:. Clarifier Mods. Some people have asked how to make the fine clarifier control track on transmit and receive like the coarse clarifier control.

Review a galaxy 98vhp chang it to 11 metters ,DX 94HP DX95T2 CB CONVERSION

RF Meter VR Driver Bias VR Hi Power VR AMC VR FM Deviation VR TX Offset VR Final Bias VR AM Modulation VR High Power VR TX Offset VC TX Offset VR Derating of this component will cool operation, provide better voltage stability,decrease wobble, allow voltage increase to Talkback Mod Talkback can become distorted if these radios have been "peaked," and there is no cure because the talkback just amplifies what goes to the RF section.

Clarifier Mods Some people have asked how to make the fine clarifier control track on transmit and receive like the coarse clarifier control.Log in or Sign up. Find Trucking Jobs. Jun 7, 1. Yes, let employers and TruckersReport text me with new opportunities, job alerts and other career information to the number I provided.

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The CB Radio Talk Forum

Jun 7, 2. It'll work for you if you want to run on the 10 meter ham bands. Which you have to have a license to operate there or otherwise you can be fined. If you want to run it on the 11 meter CB band, it has to be converted. Does the radio have a freq. How do you know if it has mods? Did the owner mention them?

A CB shop might be able to tell you if they know what to look for. Hope someone didn't sell you a crap radio with a burned final or something.

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Turbo-TJun 7, Jun 8, 3. FriedTaterJun 8, Jun 8, 4. Only thing I would be concerned with, is it burning my hand when I touched it! Jun 12, 5. PlumCrazyJun 12, Jun 16, 6. Jun 21, 7. GadflyJun 21, Jun 21, 8.

Galaxy Dx-99 V2 Mobile 10 Meter Amateur Radio

Jun 22, 9. Turbo-TJun 22, Jun 22, Is the radio hooked up to an antenna? Do you know about the squelch? AfterShockJun 22, It is also the only SSB mobile with no extra amplifier installed. With dual Mosfet finals instead of 4 or 8 finals the DXV2 draws less than 10 amps and can be hooked up anywhere standard radios are wired.

No special heavy wire.

galaxy dx99v2 mods

Galaxy radios sometimes have a small scratch or ding that the factory covers with touch up. We cannot effect this and do not guarantee your radio to be cosmetically perfect. Bells CB will make no marks or scratches on your radio ourselves. Galaxy radio might though and I cannot control it.

Galaxy 99V Make a completion video to show tune-up levels and modifications. The item most overlooked when ordering a custom radio is the microphone. CAT Enterprises. Weight radio, not shipping 5 lbs. Tech Library. CB Repair. Download Manual.

Galaxy DX 99V2 10 Meter

Provides increased frequency stability and accuracy for SSB, as well as increased sensitivity and selectivity on receive.

Optional Accessories. Tune-up and frequency conversion. Perform Receiver improvement mods. These mods replace key RX parts for better sensitivity and selectivity. Turner RK Noise Canceling microphone. Astatic L Noise Canceling microphone. Astatic DM6b Amplified microphone.

Astatic RDE Amplified microphone. Sound Byte link address. Add a Small External Speaker plugs into back of the radio for improved sound. Add a Large External Speaker plugs into back of the radio for improved sound. Blue Red Green Amber. Your Gmail.The new DX99V2 is the only Galaxy all mode mobile radio. The front mic jack allows this radio to fit into tighter spaces than the original version. While the features are essentially the same as the classic DX99V, it has a few significant upgrades:.

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galaxy dx99v2 mods

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Brand: Galaxy Product Code: G Description Reviews Well, I've had my 99v2 for 1 month Actually it is better than my 2 's.You found us! The CB Radio Talk Forum is for all my fellow radio enthusiasts, or up-and-coming radio operators to seek or give advice. Moderator: Super Moderator. Privacy Terms. Skip to content. Quick links. Ad blocker detected: Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker on our website.

galaxy dx99v2 mods

Have some other technical questions can't find the answer for? Come in and ask them here. Does anyone know what to do with the jumper wire? Remove it? Thank you for any help with this. Right now it is on Hello G, Welcome to the forum. Look at CB Tricks, your radios has a mod for channels there along with a couple other mods.

As a new member could you post a intro in the "Welcome to the Forum" topic, viewforum. Please visit our Sponsors. Thank you for your reply.

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I have posted a welcome topic also. I did however follow the same method by removing the short jumper wire. But it also says to install loose plug to J3. When I took off the cover for that side, a plug was already installed in J3. So, I'm thinking either I shouldn't have removed the short jumper completely, but maybe should of just relocated one side off the short blk jumper side like I saw on you tube for the Galaxy 99V.

Remove the screw holding the board and plug in the loose connector J3 on the component side as shown above. Unsolder and remove the short jumper wire on the solder side of the Band PCB, and re-mount the board back in place. The radio will now work from I have looked around and so far have not found the mod for the 99V2.

I am still looking so keep searching on your end also. I just saw the same one, it looks like moving the jumper one trace up is the ticket. I'll try moving it one position like the video shows. Hopefully that works. TY all for the help. It worked moving the one side closer.